Why Finance?

What benefits does financing offer versus a cash or credit card purchase? Financing…

  • Spreads payments over time to preserve company cash flow
  • Enables options for applicable tax benefits and write-offs
  • Typically, better rates versus credit cards and requires less money upfront compared to a bank
  • Budget flexibility via fixed rate for a fixed timeframe
  • Funds may be used to support your total project from maintenance to installation and other related costs
  • Dedicated Trio representatives are financing experts to ensure a seamless customer experience between you and your supplier(s)

Equipment Finance

  • 12-84 Month Terms
  • Application Only Up To $150,000
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Same Day Approval to Funding
  • Credit Decisions in Under 60 Minutes

Working Capital

  • 6-18 Month Terms
  • $10,000 – $250,000 Unsecured Working Capital
  • Use Funds for Any Business Need
  • Credit Decisions in 2-4 Hours
  • Monthly, Weekly or Daily Payments

About Us

Trio Capital offers a variety of equipment financing and capital solutions to support small business success. Through our partners, we have been helping small businesses since 2009 with Business Development Representatives who are experienced and know the financing support you need. Let us help you today!


Who is Trio Capital?

We are a lending partner that builds relationships with commercial equipment sellers to provide custom finance solutions for small businesses. We are focused on small to mid-ticket equipment financing that promotes SMB growth, stability, and loyalty.

How does equipment financing work?

Equipment financing allows you to acquire the necessary business equipment you need to grow and succeed while taking advantage of lower monthly payments. Apply now and one of our Business Development Representatives will respond upon receipt of your request. Once decisioned you will receive a credit response and financing terms (if approved). Select your monthly payment and your equipment may be financed the same day.

Will this transaction show up on my personal credit report?

No, all our contracts are commercial transactions under your business entity. We do not report to any consumer credit bureaus. In fact, all personal credit bureaus that may be pulled on a transaction are “soft pulls”, meaning they will not show up as an inquiry on your personal credit report.

When should I apply for financing?

Securing financing as early as possible during your purchasing process is a good business decision. This will give you the confidence and buying power you need to acquire your equipment. Understanding your flexible financing options early in the process will allow you to make the most informed decisions that work for your budget and help grow your business.

What if I have other business capital needs besides equipment?

Working capital loans are the perfect solution to round out your full business financing needs. Our working capital loans are easy to apply for, offer flexible payment terms, and the funds may be used for any business need you may have like renovation, inventory, staffing, and more.

Apply now and one of our Business Development Reps will respond within 1 hour. Within 2-4 hours after you have provided all required documentation, you will receive a credit response and financing terms (if approved). Select your payment frequency and your loan may be funded the same day.

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